Low cost motorsport services

Single-seaters, of free design and construction. 1300cc air-cooled VW Type 1/2/3 engine. A variety of constructors offer a complete car or a bare chassis and many cars have been converted from Formula Ford 'Kent' chassis. Wings and other aerodynamic aids are prohibited and a minimum weight including driver evens things out.

We offer a full range of services for Formula Vee, from hiring one of our highly tuned race cars for the day, to full race support and setup throughout the season.

Arrive & Drive

Get into the drivers seat

This gives anybody with the ambition of testing or racing a single seater open wheel race car the ability to test or race without the commitment to spending large sums on buying a racecar.

The hire fee includes fuel, trackside assistance and covers mechanical breakdown in other words you just arrive and drive.

Arrive and Drive Cars are all extremely competitive and under 4 years of age.

Testing from £450.00 for half a day plus track fees, and testing from £650.00 for a full day plus track fees. Race including practice qualification race if applicable, and the main race from £500.00 plus race entry fees.

Owner Driver

AHS can support your team!

Full owner driver support from £350.00 per race, this includes clean and prepare the car for the race charge batteries, check all fluid levels, transportation to and from the track and full assistance at the track. Storage and off circuit accidental damage insurance £10.00 per week

Basic track side assistance from £50.00 per race

Engine builds are from £600.00 plus parts and carry a guarantee

Engines dyno'd from £200.00

AHS Race Cars

AHS Dominator

The ultimate UK formula Vee race car available today, fully adjustable front suspention system with purpose made Quantum shockabsorbers. The rear suspention utilises a 3 shockabsorber system 2 units acting as roll control and the main transverse unit mounted as low as possible under the gearbox.

The Dominator has a very small frontal area with purpose made air cooling ducts that feed cool air dirrect to the engine.

AHS Challenger

The Challenger was the predecessor of the Dominator and has been through many transitions until it reached the point where only a complete new car could carry the AHS brand forwards, And still a very competitive package and a great place to start your racing career. All parts are still available and reasonably priced.

Leastone Formula Vee

We have a lot of empathy for the Leastone as it was the starting point for AHS and bought us our first Championship great little car, very direct front end and lively rear, great fun and so easy to control. We carry almost every part to repair rebuild a Leastone car

Sheane Formula Vee Cars

There are 3 developments in chassis design MK1 and MK2 aery simple in design and I would imagine that there are more Sheane Mk 1/2 cars still racing in the UK and Ireland. They are very easy to maintain set up and race. a softer set up than the Leastone and great fun to drive.

Sheane MK3

This car was a big step forwards for David Sheane and on its initial release was a very sleek car, time has not been so kind for this car and now looks a little bulky and heavy. However once you get this car on track it is quick agile, and stable. As always with the Sheane marque easy to work with simple in design and a delight to own. AHS carries most spares for all the Sheane models.


A very popular model which has seen many updates and options over the years a very successful car, popular with the owner driver market. We ran one of these to a Championship victory a few years ago with Mr M Galpin at the wheel, which we enjoyed thoroughly. We can offer lots of upgrade options set up and all repair work for this marque.

AHS Drivers

  • James Clennell
  • James Conjers
  • Steve Ough
  • Paul Smith
  • Dan Pitchford
  • Alan Robinson
  • Jeremy Crook
  • Rhys Bennett
  • Steve Bailey
  • Simon Readman

Associate Drivers

  • Tim Hill